Case Study:
Closing the Gap of Skilled Manufacturers

Client: Elevate Advanced Manufacturing

Industry: Manufacturing & Education


By 2018, there will be a shortage of 6,672 skilled workers in the advanced manufacturing sector. When our client, the Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI), repeatedly heard this challenge from its members (the manufacturers), they approached Measured Intentions to research national programs that address perception and workforce issues, review these programs, and make a recommendation on the most effective way to address this challenge.


After a thorough vetting process, Measured Intentions recommended that ABI develop a proprietary program for Iowa. MI was then asked to develop the program and oversaw all project management, including strategy, branding, public relations and fundraising.  The developed perception marketing campaign included digital, radio, print, social media, events, and on-the-ground efforts that included developing a curriculum for schools and an ambassador program.

Results from the second fiscal program year included:

  • Community college manufacturing/skilled trade programs increased by 9.9% in enrollment
  • Welder technology programs increased 20% in enrollment
  • Credit hours increased by 14.5%