Case Study:
Revitalizing Through Research

Client: Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping

Industry: Fitness


As a gym in a crowded fitness space, membership recruitment, and retention are critical to success. Farrell’s enrollment numbers were dropping by 20% each session so Farrell’s brought in Measured Intentions to conduct a membership analysis and develop a strategic marketing plan.


Measured Intentions performed market research by analyzing the current members using over 100 data points. MI understood where they lived, how far they would travel, where they worked, their annual income, their disposable income, the media they most preferred, and other key factors that influenced their buying decision. MI was able to segment the audience into four, specific demographic groups and then developed a marketing strategy that included a media buy, direct marketing, revamped communications, and social media updates.

As a result of these efforts, Farrell’s began their following spring session with the highest enrollment numbers they had ever had.