Invest a Little, Gain a Lot

Are you feeling a lack of innovation, ideas and opportunities is hindering your ability to grow? Are you frustrated that your current plans aren’t growing your bottom line?

We offer a suite of short term resources to help engage and focus leadership to find growth opportunities and create movement toward success.

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This workshop encompasses the same concepts as our full Measured Marketing approach, but condensed to a high-level review where we help spur new ideas and provide valuable insights to find growth opportunities.

What You Get:

  • Facilitation by Measured Intentions
  • Customized to your organization
  • Engagement of leadership team
  • Review of current landscape
  • Market-based approach
  • Follow-up of action items for leadership team to propel growth

Propel Growth Workshop Investment:

Half Day ($3,000)
Full Day ($5,000)
Two-Day ($10,000)

The longer the workshop, the more insights and action items we can provide to your team. We work with you prior to the workshop to create an outline to ensure all areas of interest are addressed and covered within the workshop time frame.

A business best practice, conducting a SWOT analysis will give you and your leadership team a clear framework of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Knowing and understanding these will help you address internal and external challenges and find new opportunities for growth.

From a new product launch to entering a new market, a SWOT analysis should be conducted as part of your planning.

Where a traditional SWOT analysis can take days to complete, our refined process condenses your analysis to just one day or less, allowing you more time to take action from our discoveries.

Engage us as your SWOT SWAT and refocus your team’s passion and drive.

SWOT SWAT Investment:

One-time SWOT - $1,000
Annual SWOT Plan (1 SWOT/Quarter) - $3,500
*Travel fees may be added

Is your team in need of a little pep talk? Do you have an upcoming conference where you’re looking for industry-leading experts to speak?

Look no further than our team of industry-leading experts to engage your audience and discuss those “a-ha” moments to reinvigorate their passion and drive.

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Aligning Your Sales & Marketing
  • How to Drive Bottom Line Success
  • Workforce Trends
  • Identifying Vertical Industry Opportunities
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